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Maximum Member requirements for the committees
   - Any single country cannot have more than 20% of the voting members and 40% of the discussion members of the Rulebook Main Committee.
   - Any single country cannot have more than 33% of the voting members and 66% of the discussion members of a Rulebook Subcommittee.
 * If a country is over their allotted number, the IUF Rulebook Chair and Subcommittee Chairs can decide which members will be the active discussion and voting members.

Minimum Member requirements for individuals:

   - Must be 16 years of age before first day of the committee.

Voting Member Qualifications:

   - Competitor, coach/trainer, or judge/official at least during one of the past three Unicons.

   - Must vote on proposals. If not participate in 2 votes in a row, member will receive a warning and given opportunity to participate once more. Future failures to vote will mean change of status to a discussion member.

Discussion Member Qualifications:

   - Has been a competitor, coach/trainer, and/or judge/official at Unicon, International, or a National event.  

------------ IUF Rulebook 2022/23
   - Designed to only discuss part of a rulebook.

Age Group Committee: Designed to clarify age groups across all disciplines for Unicons and other events
    Each member must have attended three or more Unicons and has been a director at least once since Unicon 16.  
    All requests are subject to approval.

Main Committee:
  - Each subcommittee chair should be a voting member of this committee;
             - Additional responsibility is to bring to the attention of the members any rule in their subcommittee that may affect the Rulebook as a whole or other subcommittees
   - Responsible for rules in Section 1 of the IUF Rulebook

ach subcommittee has "Discussions" and "Proposals".
   - have no time limit and are designed for general conversation about rule problems and suggestions..

   - Do not need to start as a discussion, although it is strongly recommended.
   - Must have each of these parts:
      ** Title (it's important to make this clear and concise)
      ** Owner (the person who creates a proposal, is filled in automatically)
      ** Background (describes the Why)
      ** Proposal (contains both old and new in one text block)
      ** Body (described the What and How)
      ** References (often left blank, in practice)
   - Chair approves proposals on a timely basis; rejections are immediately shared with the Owner for modifications
   - Review by members is 8 days after Chair approves the proposal.
   - If the proposal is changed, must have 3 days of discussion after change before voting can begin.
   - Owner (or Chair) sets the Proposal to a vote after review period.
   - Voting is 7 days long
   - 50% of the 'voting' members must vote ("yes", "no", or "abstain") so a proposal is not automatically failed
   - To pass a proposal, it needs to receive a 2/3 majority of those who voted.  


Where are all of the proposals

If you look at all of the proposals that are visible on the main page, you may find that some proposal numbers are missing. This is because proposals only become visible if:

  • It is approved by the committee chair-person
  • You are a member of the committee that it was proposed to
Thus, don't be concerned if you don't see every proposal number on the main page

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